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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear? Look ahead at the weather and plan accordingly.

  • Less than 50 degrees - Trips will be cancelled and 100% refunds provided.

  • 50 to 70 degrees - Guests will be provided wetsuits, fleece base layers, and nylon splash protectors. Neoprene socks are provided and bringing your own non-cotton socks is recommended.

  • 70 to 80 degrees - Guests will have fleece base layers and nylon splash protectors available for use. The nylon splash protectors will be brought with the raft in case a guest gets cold.

  • Above 80 degrees - Typical swim wear is normally suitable.

Bring water shoes if you have them but we have loaners if you don't. Flip-flops are not allowed and shoes must have a strap around back of foot. Swim wear is best but also plan for the sun as it can be intense on hot summer days. Anything but cotton is recommended! Also bring a wide brim hat for sun protection, helmets are recommended but not required; You can take them on and off at your desire.

Should We Bring A Towel? Bringing a towel with you on the river will result in a very wet towel because the floor of the raft will be wet. Leave a towel in your car if you want to dry off after the trip. Often times it is hot and dry enough out that drying off with a towel is not necessary.

Is it ok if I can't swim? These trips are for paddlers of all abilities and you don't have to be able to swim to have a seat on the raft. Our experienced guides are there in case there are any issues. Also, we provide personal floatation devices, PFD's, aka life jackets for everyone. Even if you can't swim, don't miss out on jumping into the river, you can just hold onto the raft.

Should I bring goggles? This is your call, some people have sensitive eyes and don't want to get splashed at all. In general, goggles aren't necessary although they can be nice to have if there is a water splashing fight between rafts!

Do you accept tips? Our guides work hard before, during, and after the trip so that your group can focus on having fun. Our guides appreciate any gratuities you feel are necessary when compared to the price and the quality of the service provided.

We Are Locals, Should We Use an Outfitter? Outfitters are here to make life easy when it comes to river trips. Considering how much gear costs, storage requirements, and maintenance, an outfitter is a reasonable way to get the experience you are looking for without all the baggage. Also, most outfitters work hard to provide services that reduce damage to the environment, promote positive community settings, and provide unique job experiences. Thank you for any support!

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